Going out in Tarifa - Dinner - Clubs bars and Restaurants

Clubs Bars, Restaurants – Nightlife Tarifa

There are loads of Clubs Bars and Restaurants in Tarifa! Enjoy the tapas, gelaterias, organic cafes, seafood restaurants, snack bars and more.

We’ve let you know if each place is in town or on the beach, if it’s more of a tourist place or one for the locals, what months and times it’s open (as far as we can be sure!) and tried to give a rough indication of price and atmosphere.
We’ve listed some of our favourites for Going out in Tarifa and we’re happy to add more as we find them or as they’re recommended to us.
¡Buen apetito!


Bar El Frances

Going out in Tarifa - BarEl

El Frances is bang in the centre of town.
It’s a small, crowded bar with about ten tables outside.
Excellent tapas (for instance a montadito with lomo – a small bread roll with steak – is delicious and stills the hunger pangs).
Fast service – when you get their attention.
Don’t be shy!.

Atmosphere: Small, Lively, Great Food
Address: Calle de Sancho IV El Bravo, 21, 11380 Tarifa, Cádiz
Phone: +34 685 85 70 05
Opening hours: Daily 12:30 p.m – 12:00 a.m
Opening season: All year round



Going out in Tarifa - Lola

Eat at the bar, at the tables inside or outside on the square.
Excellent tapas – try the ‘ensaladilla de langostinos’ and the croquetas de espinaca’.
Very good and fast service.

Atmosphere: Relaxed, Charming, Very Friendly
Address: Calle Guzmán el Bueno, 5, 11380 Tarifa, Cádiz
Phone: +34 956 62 73 07
Opening hours: 1-5 pm, 8-1 a.m
Opening season: March – December

La Taperia

Going out in Tarifa - LeTapia

La Taperia is outside the walls of the Old Town, on the main street to the bus station.
It’s always busy with locals and tourists alike and offers good food, theatrical service and the chance to sit in the street and watch the life of the town literally pass between the tables.
I developed a taste for their house white last time I was in town – it’s a perfect complement to their tapas selection, which changes daily.

Atmosphere: Friendly, buzzing
Address: Calle de la Batalla del Salado, 47, 11380 Tarifa
Phone: +34 956 68 00 10
Opening hours: Monday – Saturday 7am – midnight, Sunday 8am – midnight
Opening season: All year round



Clubs Bars, Restaurants – Nightlife Tarifa  9

Alameda is at the end of the promenade, right on the corner of the Old Town between the port and the school.
This is a true locals’ place, families come with their kids and chat as the life of the port, beach and town passes by.
Alameda is friendly and has no airs and graces.
It’s not fancy, but it’s not meant to be.
The tapas are simple, the wine is good, service is friendly and everything is very, very cheap.
I thought they’d undercharged me the first time I ate here!.

Atmosphere: Bustling, local
Address: Paseo de la Alameda 4, 11380 Tarifa
Phone: +34 956 62 70 44
Opening hours: Daily 9am – midnight
Opening season: All year round



More Restaurants

Going out in Tarifa - Dinner - Clubs bars and Restaurants

Tapas is great, really great. But sometimes a big plate all to yourself seems necessary. Particularly after a long day kitesurfing. Here are some restaurants that will offer up a full, hearty meal to replace all that energy you used up through the day.


Going out in Tarifa - Surla

An ever changing menu featuring home-made pasta, tasty smoothies, amazing breakfasts, fresh seafood and lots more.
Best of all, Surla is right on the beach.
Located away from the typical old town Tarifa restaurants Surla is the perfect place for an after surf breakfast or lunch.
For dinner they have an exquisite selection of sushi.

Atmosphere: Relaxed , Chilled, Cool
Address: Calle Pintor Perez Villalta 64 – 11380 TARIFA
Phone: +34 956 68 51 75
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday 09:00 – 24:00
Opening season: All year round


Vaca Loca

Going out in Tarifa - VacoLoca

Vaca Loca is just the ticket after a long day kitesurfing.
Delicious high quality steaks, chicken and a special pork dish cooked to a secret recipe are served wooden plates with delicious salad and chips.
The portions are huge and the wines are great.
It’s bang in the middle of the Old Town with tables outside in the square.
Because it’s so good it’s very busy, so if it’s full go to Tomatito (link to bars/tomatito) for a cocktail while you wait for a table!.

Atmosphere: Friendly, buzzing
Address: Calle Cervantes 6, 11380 Tarifa
Phone: No reservations so it doesn’t matter!
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday 18:00 – 02:00
Opening season: All year round


ECO Center

Going out in Tarifa - ECO

ECO center is a vegetarian restaurant in the centre of Tarifa offering carefully sourced food from organic growers and specialising in delicious vegetarian pizza.
There’s also the ECO shop where you’ll find the same carefully sourced ingredients including fresh bread, eggs, vegetable, spices and drinks.
As well as food you can buy healthy cosmetics, take yoga, pilates, meditation or salsa classes, have a shiatsu massage or even go to a live concert on a Sunday night!.

Atmosphere: Relaxed
Address: San Sebastian 6, Tarifa 11380
Phone: +34 956627220
Opening hours: 1-4pm, 7pm-12am
Opening season: All year round


Restaurante La Pescadería

Going out in Tarifa - LePescaderia

Pescaderia, in the Alameda, a restaurant where you can eat fish and watch people!.
Their tuna steak is the best, and their tuna selection delicious.

Atmosphere: Relaxed, Beautiful Historic Court yard
Address: Paseo de la Alameda, s/n, 11380 Tarifa, Cádiz
Phone: +34 956 62 70 78
Opening hours: 1-5 p.pm 7-1 a.m
Opening season: March – December


Fubuki Sushi Bar

Going out in Tarifa - Fubuki

Fubuki brings a little taste of the Orient to Tarifa.
It offers all the flavours and a wide selection of sushi that you’ll usually only find in Japan.
Friendly service with a beautiful out door patio, in high season they extended the patio to an even more beautiful courtyard with candle light.
In a central location on the main drag into town it is good people watching with all the life of the town passing by.

Atmosphere: Japanese Ambience, beautiful outdoor patio
Address: Calle Batalla del Salado, 43, 11380 Tarifa, Cádiz
Phone: +34 956 68 10 73
Opening hours: 09:00 – 03:00
Opening season: March – December


Misiana Restaurant

Going out in Tarifa - Misiana

Misiana is located inside the very heart of old town upon the cobblestoned streets of Tarifa.

This very charming restaurant is attahced to the famous Misiana Hotel and offers a delicious gastronomy.
Specializing in Adalusian Fusion crusine, you will find a wide selection of Tapas and wines on the menu.
You will step back in time as you sit back and relax with your friends, family or significant other in Misiana’s homely atmosphere, showcasing unique interior decoratations.
Misiana is romantic for you lovebirds and chilled for those just wanting a cocktail or fine wine.

Atmosphere: Charming, Romantic, Fast Service, Friendly
Address: Calle Sancho IV el Bravo, 16, 11380 Tarifa, Cádiz
Phone: +34 956 62 70 83
Opening hours: 12:00 – 22:00
Opening season: Year round



Nightlife: Bars in Tarifa

Whether you want a chilled out sundowner or a huge cocktail at a tiny price, Tarifa has the bar for you. Here are a few of our favourites.


Going out in Tarifa - Almedina

Definitely one of the most beautiful bars Tarifa has to offer!

Built into the historical city wall behind the Castle and below the town hall, the Almedina is exceptionally well decorated and the rooms themselves are unique.
This is one of the oldest buildings (about 3,000 years old) in Tarifa and shows Tarifa’s Arabic roots to the fullest.
Every Thursday night there is a live flamenco concert after 11pm featuring different local artists.
Entrance is free.

Atmosphere: Homely, relaxed and charming.
Opening: 9pm – 2am
Opening Season: All Year
Address: Calle Almedina, 3, 11380 Tarifa, Cádiz
Phone: + 34 956 68 04 74



Going out in Tarifa - Bossa

Bossa is located at the Gate of Jerez as you meander into Tarifa Old Town.

A funky and charismatic little bar, Bossa is both a local and tourist chilllout bar, most definitely one of Tarifa’s unique charms and not to be missed!.
As well as food you will find €3.
50 Mojitos and Caprinhas and lots of smiles from a friendly bar staff.

Atmosphere: Chilled and Charismatic
Address: Calle de los Silos 1, Puerta de Jerez, 11380 Tarifa
Phone: +34 956 682 596
Opening hours: 11 a.m – 2 a.m
Opening season: March – November


Surfer Bar Tomatito

Going out in Tarifa - Tomitito

Tomatito: created by surfers4surfers.

Located in Tarifa’s party central, the main square of the Old Town.
It has a ‘happenin cool surf vibe with an international scene of party animals…’ What more can we say?.
Tomatito is a great place to cool off with a quick beer while you talk nonsense or to kick off the night with a magical mojito for miniscule money (€3.00).
The staff are great fun and always happy to share a laugh or some local advice.

Atmosphere: Party. Surf. Boards and wetsuits allowed. International party crowd.
Address: Cervantes 4, 11380 Tarifa map link
Phone: +34 956627220
Opening hours: 7pm-2am
Opening season: March to November



Going out in Tarifa - tangana

Tangana is surely one of the most enjoyable and busiest chiringuitos in beautiful Tarifa.
The furthest Chringuito in Tarifa from the center, Tangana is located on the happening kite beach at Valdevaqueros.
Tangana has very good food with an international menu and a salad bar to die for.
Offering a very comfortable shaded court yard and also a big open beach area with artificial grass and comfy lounge chairs to sit back in while you watch more kites and windsurfers per square inch than anywhere else on earth.

Atmosphere: Lively, fun, relaxed with sun, sun, sun.
Address: Playa de Valdevaqueros | Ctra Nacional 340, N-340
Phone: +34 956 68 46 98
Also Check Out: Tangana Bungalows



Going out in Tarifa - Pachamama

The Pachamama is a barbecue-style restaurant with a friendly atmosphere.

The menu offers an extensive selection of meat, some of which is imported from Argentina.
The large garden contains a swimming pool, volleyball and little huts which invite you to stay longer.
At night the bar is open and there is always vibrant nightlife.

Atmosphere: Super cool vibe!
Address: Carretera Cadiz-malaga (N-340), KM 81, 11380 Tarifa, Cádiz
Phone: +34 956 68 22 03
Opening hours: 10am – 3am every day
Opening Season: All year round



Going out in Tarifa - aloha tarifa

Aloha has super good vibes and the best strawberry mojitos you will find anywhere.
A few chilled out locals run this little must-visit bar.
Happy Hour runs til 11 p.m so you can try their awesome cocktails for only €3.
Yes, really, only €3! Be sure to drop in a tip- even if you don’t usually, it’s worth it for the reaction it will get from the chicos who run the place – you’ll definitely smile at the commotion!.

Atmosphere: Chilled, Super Good Vibes
Address: Calle Lorito,, 11380 Tarifa, Cádiz
Opening hours: 12:00 – 22:00
Opening season: March – December



Waves Beach Bar

Going out in Tarifa - Waves

Chilled out kitesurfers Chiringuito located directly at the main school teaching area on Playa de Los Lances Norte.

The menu includes fish, seafood Isla Cristina, huelva, salads, burgers, cocktails, natural juices and smoothies.
The heathly portions and delicious food mean you will surely replace all those calories lost while kitesurfing, All in all Waves offers great food, a great vibe and friendly service.

Atmosphere: Chilled, Very Friendly
Address: Playa de los Lances, 11380 Tarifa, Cádiz
Phone: +34 607 50 40 51
Opening hours: 12:00 – 22:00
Opening season: March – December



Nightlife: Clubs in Tarifa

Tarifa clubs all night and kitesurfs all day. Here are a few of our favourite places to play til the sun comes up 😀


Going out in Tarifa - Mombasa

Mombassa is one of only two late night clubs located in the centre of town.

There are multiple floors where you can party your socks off while you meet cool new people from all over the world – you will definitely not be disappointed.
The line ups begin around 2am, as does the cover charge of €20.
So if you want to mingle in the quieter ambience before the madness begins, and save a few shillings while you’re at it, then arrive before 2am and have yourself a cocktail while you wait for the party party party to start.

Atmosphere: Party, Party, Party
Address: Plaza San Hiscio, 5, 11380 Tarifa, Cádiz
Phone: +34 954 21 03 81
Opening hours: 10 p.m – 5 a.m
Opening season: April – November


Cafe Del Mar

Going out in Tarifa - CafeDelMar

Top of the late and cool list, though oddly located, this Ibiza-inspired place includes a couple of bars and a Nikkei (Japanese-Peruvian) restaurant as well as a nightclub with resident house DJs.

Situated in the industrial area at the lower entrance to Tarifa from the N340 national road, this place is distributed over 3 floors and very well decorated.
The second floor also has a bar and the third floor roof terrace invites you to take the sun or the moon from one of its comfortable sun chairs.
Drinks are a little more expensive here, but included in the price you get a little bit of Ibiza style.
To get there take the free shuttle bus from the town centre – just walk towards the ferry port to pick it up, the bus stop is only a 5 minute walk from the centre of town and collects you at the gates to the Tangier ferry.
If the shuttle’s not already there just hang around – it’ll be back within 15 – 20 minutes.

Town or beach: A Hop, Skip and a Jump Out of Town

Atmosphere: Late, late night Party, Party, Party
Address: Pol. La Vega, Parcela 303, 11380 Tarifa, Cádiz
Phone: +34 629 27 26 18
Opening hours: 11 p.m – 7 a.m
Opening season: April – November



La Ruina

Going out in Tarifa - LaRuina

Located in the heart of the old center of Tarifa, La Ruina is a club with a long history.

The name results from the fact that La Ruina (the ruin) used to be a broken down place in one of the oldest houses in town.
There wasn’t even a roof on it.
Someone put a bar in it and put on some music and there it was: Tarifa’s dancing temple #1.
Today this place is completely renovated, very modern, but still with a touch of the old “La Ruina”.

Music here is electronic, getting you in the right dancing mood.

Town or beach: Town
Atmosphere: Groovy
Address: Calle de la Santisima Trinidad
Phone: +34 956 689 132
Opening hours: 1:00 a.m – 4:00 p.m
Opening season: All Year Round


Did we miss a place?
Please let us know any new Clubs Bars and Restaurants for our Nightlife guide in Tarifa