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You want Tarifa kite spots? We’ve got all Tarifa kite spots!

There are loads of great kite spots just a walk or a short drive from town.
You will be able to find a good spot in every wind except the North wind, which usually only blows for a few days a year.

All these Tarifa kite spots have their own unique characteristics and ideal wind and weather conditions.
This means that when the wind is at its strongest, it can sometimes pay dividends to travel a little further to a more sheltered location.

Choosing the Best Spot for Kitesurfing Lessons


Our Instructors will always adopt to your preferences and skills!

They will let you know (mostly via whatsapp) which spots are favourable and which conditions you can expect!

You will get a full briefing about the differences and solid understanding of the reasoning behind the decisions!

Los Lances Norte

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Playa de Los Lances Norte is the spot that made Tarifa famous.
It’s a white sand beach, stretching into the distance to Valdevaqueros in the north, with kilometres of undisturbed, natural landscape and perfectly safe conditions for kitesurfing – no rocks, no reefs, no obstructions.

There is more room than you could possibly need to launch and land, and the Poniente wind from the Atlantic blows cross on shore. Perfect.

The Levante blows cross off shore here, but in the summer (15th June to 15th September) that is not a problem thanks to the magnificent safety boat service provided by the Tarifa Sea Angels.
For a small fee you are completely covered by their wonderfuly safety boat service if you get into any difficulties.

The water here can become choppy at times, which can make it challenging for beginners, but there is a lagoon to use at high tide if you’re not confident in the sea conditions.
As with all the more popular spots, there are zones for different activities – respect them so that everyone can have a good time!

There’s plenty of parking and a couple of chiringuitos, so head down and enjoy yourself! 😀

Ideal wind: Any wind in summer, Poniente (West) when the Sea Angels safety boats aren’t there.
Good things nearby: Chirinquito Agua for drinks and food
Getting there: Just walk down the beach about 1 km from the town. Or drive down to the football stadium car park if your kit is too heavy.


Los Lances Sur

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This is a favourite spot to show off tricks and jumps because it’s right in front of the beach bars of the Old Town. The ideal wind here is the Poniente which blows side on shore, but it’s only for experts in other wind conditions. This spot is off limits in the summer (15th June to 15th September) but you are free to ride here the rest of the year. So feel free to use it, but make sure you know what you’re doing!
Ideal wind: Poniente (West)

Getting there: Just walk down to the beach from the town.
If you’re in Tarifa, you’re basically there already.


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Valdevaqueros is the beach of choice for schools and beginners when the Sea Angels safety boats aren’t available at Los Lances. It’s a beautiful white sand beach with a small lagoon, and the winds are typically a little more onshore than at Los Lances. There are designated zones for different activities (be nice and stick to the rules!) and there is plenty of room for everyone.
Valdevaqueros has beach bars, parking and camping so you’ll find everything you need here if conditions mean it’s more suitable than Los Lances.

Ideal wind: Levante (East)

Getting there: 8km from Tarifa.
You can walk up the beach, take a short bike ride or a very short car journey. Or do what Gray does and ride there on a kite powered landboard (we don’t recommend this!) In high season you can also get the local micro bus. Up to you!

Punta Paloma

Punta Paloma Kite

Punta Paloma is just north of Valdevaqueros, over the dune and round the corner. It’s another clean white sand beach with loads of room to launch and land. The Levante is cross on shore at Punta Paloma, which makes it ideal for beginners and for when the Sea Angels aren’t out.
There’s a beautiful view across the dunes to Morocco, parking at the spot, and bars and things a short walk away. Another great spot.

Ideal wind: Levante (East)

Getting there: A walk up the beach, short bike ride or very short car journey. In high season you can get the micro bus. Up to you!


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Bolonia is a small coastal village nestled in a natural bay. When the wind is very strong in Tarifa it provides a more sheltered spot to ride.
There are also plenty of other things to do in Bolonia – it’s well worth a trip if you have the time.

Ideal wind: Strong Levante (East)
Getting there: 17km by car from Tarifa.

A very scenic drive through the mountains for the last few kms.


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Palmones is a beach in the natural harbour between the Rock of Gibraltar and Algeciras. It provides good conditions when the wind is too strong to kitesurf in Tarifa. It’s a great experience riding here as the giant container ships sail in and out of the ports.
The beach has plenty of room to launch and land and there is a small lagoon with perfect flat water for beginners.
There is plenty of parking and also a beach bar and restaurant

Ideal wind: Strong Levante (East)
Getting there: 17km by bus or car from Tarifa.

It takes about 20-25 minutes to get there.

Los Canos de Meca

Tarifa Kite Spots  15

Los Canos de Meca is a bit further away than the other kite spots we’ve listed, but it provides great wave riding conditions for more experienced kitesurfers although you do need to watch out for the rocks. There is a good kitesurfing community here, with shops, beach bars and a great tapas bar at the north end of town (we were very grateful for this place one very cold and windy November night!)
There is also parking for motorhomes and camping if you go for the day and have a sundowner or two too many. A very cool place to visit!

Ideal wind: Strong Levante (East)
Getting there: 70km from Tarifa by car.

It’s an easy journey, just drive straight up the main road for about an hour.