Our Paddle Yoga Course Tarifa is a different way to have fun and get fit on the water. Our paddle yoga instructors are genuine enthusiasts who who can take you all the way from novice to expert. They lead classes from beginner to acro SUP yoga, as well as glow in the dark night tours and a beach fit class – there’s something for everyone!

As the name suggest, paddle yoga is yoga on a paddle board. If you’ve never done it before, no problem – it will be all the more enjoyable for being your first experience. If this is your first time just make sure you take the beginner class, which includes our paddle technique discussion, and spend some time playing around on the paddle board before moving on to yoga poses on the water.

When you’ve never done yoga before we can also give you an intro to basic yoga poses on land before moving onto the boards. We don’t want you doing anything you’re uncomfortable with, so it’s good for both you and us to know what your level is.

If you’ve never done paddle yoga before and you’re not sure what you need to know, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions

If you want to get fit and have fun, book a lesson and come down and see us on the beach!

Why book Paddle Yoga Course Tarifa?

Tarifa is a fantastic place to learn to kitesurf. Our unique location on the Strait of Gibraltar means it’s almost always windy in Tarifa. The presence of the Sea Angels rescue boats on the main kite beach at Los Lances mean that every wind direction is kiteable there.

There are also many other great kite spots in and near Tarifa where beginners can learn.

The tidal lagoons at Los Lances and Valdevaqueros are ideal spots to practice your first board starts without having to worry about being dragged around by waves or getting a mouthful of salt water. The more sheltered beaches at Bolonia, Palmones and Los Canos de Meca mean that when the wind is too strong to learn in Tarifa there are plenty of options only a short drive away.

The consistent wind and variety of spots on offer are the reason that Tarifa is the kitesurfing capital of Europe. And remember, if you learn to kitesurf here you can kitesurf confidently anywhere.

So Tarifa is probably the best place in the world to learn to be an independent kite surfer.



Our beginner courses focus on you and the way you want to learn. We understand that different people learn in different ways so Gray has devised a teaching methodology that will help you learn in the way that suits you best.

As we said above, because beginners benefit from lots of attention we suggest private lessons while you learn the basics. It’s the quickest way to get up on your kiteboard and riding.

Once you’ve got the key skills down you can switch to semi private or group lessons to make new friends while you improve your kitesurfing skills and save some mojito money!



MEETING POINT At the Tuna Statue (giant windvane) between the car park and the beach
Location Map
WEAR See the FAQs tab above
Professional instructor Stand Up Paddleboard
Flexibility Paddle

Will I get wet?

In the beginners classes, possibly but unlikely. In our intermediate, beach fit, or acro class, you will most likely get wet. We prefer to think of it as a refreshing dip on a hot summer day J

What if I’m not a great swimmer?

No worries. If it makes you safer and more comfortable we’ll provide you with a lifejacket.

What should I bring?

Enthusiasm and smile. We’ll provide the rest J

If you’re bringing a phone and purse, either have a waterproof case or leave it securely with us on the beach. You don’t want them getting wet.

What should I wear?

Girls – a bikini is great, but you may get into some interesting postures so make sure it fits snugly.

Guys – board shorts and a top if you want one. We wouldn’t recommend a bikini, but, hey, it’s up to you.

Everyone – sunscreen!

Paddle Yoga Course Tarifa