Graykite’s teaching methodology is based on Gray Robinson’s vast experience of kitesurfing.

He has been pushing and teaching watersports since almost 20 years!

All of Graykite’s Instructors, Courses & Classes follow his Mindset and share the following key aspects.

There are two key aspects to Gray’s philosophy

First off, and most importantly: YOU

Different people learn in different ways.

Gray’s experience has allowed him to understand the most appropriate teaching methods for different personality types.

All the instructors at Graykite are fully on board with his ideas!

You’ll quickly feel the benefit of Gray’s years of thought about how to help people learn the sport he loves so much.

Secondly: The technical aspect.

You’ll find out when you meet him!

Gray feels there’s one crucial element that all the others depend on: Bar control

Remember that! Actually, you won’t need to, he’ll remind you: Bar control


Living in the Moment

here and now

Whatever your personality type is, there is a natural flow to things!

Sometimes you need a break, other times you just want to carry on.


We’ll work around your feeling on this. We’re ruled by you, not the clock.

Focusing on how you feel in the moment will improve your ability to take in information and will make learning more enjoyable.

When you’re not receptive learning is difficult; when you are, it’s fun.

To make this possible, we make our instructors’ schedules as flexible as possible so you can learn when you’re ready to learn.


You can taste the excitement, feel the adrenaline coursing through your veins, ¨but what, the whistle blows and your lesson is over¨? We ask why?! Why limit yourself, why not keep on going with your progression, as this is it, the heart and soul of kitesurfing, why stop, as it’s those first memorable moments that will last a lifetime, and get you up riding exponentially safer and faster!


If this is your first time kitesurfing you can learn to ride independently within a few days by booking our beginners kitesurfing course. This way you’ll learn in a structure that provides you with all the benefits of our collective years of wisdom.

If you really want to fast track the process and do everything pretty much exactly as and when you want, you can book our Hero Package.

This way you’ll be the boss, and you can learn what you want when you want so long as you have mastered the basics. The most important of which, as mentioned, is bar control.


First Things First


Bar control. Remember that?

Teaching people the technical aspects of kitesurfing is kind of the easy bit, compared to understanding how they want to learn. And unlike the individual learning process, there’s a right way and a wrong way (many wrong ways!) to learn the technical aspects.

All Graykite’s kitesurf instructors follow the Graykite’s Teaching Methodology principles when it comes to teaching the technical aspects of bar control. Because it’s the right way to do it.

We teach precision bar control which is paramount to your success, there’s only one way to operate the bar, and any other way slows down your progress! We are hands on, the last thing you want is an instructor that attaches his/her leash to you, and allows you to get into bad habits with the bar.

If your bar control needs a bit of work or you have never kitesurfed before we recommend a beginners course to get you on track.

If you have decent skills but need to refine your bar control, come and see us for an advanced kitesurfing course.


Your Learning Type


Some people learn best by doing, others by looking or listening.

Over the years Gray has taught people who prefer all these methods, and has developed ways to help everyone progress as quickly, safely and comfortably as possible.

How do we do this, you ask?

The answer is by teaching you in the way you want to learn and going at a pace that suits you.

If you are a “DOER” then we let you “DO” and move forward as quickly as your individual progression allows. Ultimately kitesurfing is a Doing sport – often Doers will have full bar and kite control within a very short time, almost as if you were born in a kite.

We won´t keep you in any lesson package that slows you down!


If you are a “VISUAL” type personality, then we give you the demonstration using a hands on approach.

We also give you videos to study, perhaps with an instructor over beer or tapas in the evening.

We understand you will learn more progressively with detailed demonstrations. If needed we will take a step back, look over your mistakes, correct them and repeat until mastered!


If you are a “HEARING” type personality, then we give you the explanations, with as much detailed analysis as you need, for your full comprehension.

We’re open to answering all your questions until you feel confident, and then the doing and seeing will become second nature.


Doesn’t sound like a rocket science does it?

But you would be amazed at how many lessons I have seen around the world where I was left wondering, who is the student and who is the instructor?

Kitesurfing is not a rocket science to teach, but it is an art form, both to teach and learn.

”¨words are *not* from some random stoned surfer dude¨! Yeah, he does talk like that.

If we’ve not covered what you want to know, just get in touch and let Gray answer any questions you have