Why Choose Tarifa Beaches

Why We Choose Tarifa?

Tarifa has a fantastic range of conditions for advanced kitesurfing lessons. Lagoons at Balnearios, Los Lances, Valdevaqueros and Palmones for flat water to practice your new tricks. Wave riding at Los Lances, Canos de Meca and Balnearios. There’s even some street furniture you can use around Rio Jara if you’re proper crazy!

Then there’s the unique Tarifa wind. The smooth Poniente is perfect for perfecting new tricks and wave riding. The wild Levante will give you some of the biggest air you’ll ever get anywhere. Combine all that you can see why Tarifa offers the perfect range of conditions to improve every single one of your kitesurfing skills.

There are also many other great Spots and Beaches  in and near Tarifa where beginners can learn.

If you’re booking an advanced course you’ll probably already know what you want to learn and what format you want to learn in, so just let us know what you want and we’ll organise it. Simple as that.

If you want to find out which instructor is right for your particular needs, have a look at our team page to see who specialises in what.

If you’ve got any questions, want to organise something a bit different or just want to talk things over, get in touch and we’ll do whatever it takes to get you what you want.

That’s Why We Choose Tarifa 😉