We understand that kitesurfing can look a bit intimidating and that lessons are quite a big commitment of time and money. That’s why we offer a one day kitesurfing taster session to people who are interested in learning how to kitesurf. It’s the ideal choice for people who think learning to kitesurf looks fun but aren’t yet 100% sure they want to commit to a course of lessons.

If you want to learn, all you need to do is turn up with a towel – we’ll provide everything else. You’ll get an explanation of the wind window, an introduction to safety procedures, learn how a power kite works, then learn to fly a trainer kite. Next you’ll get a taste of a bigger leading edge inflatable kite, the type we use for kitesurfing. Depending on how fast you progress, we might even get you in the water and body dragging in your first couple of hours.

Our taster course is a quick, safe and enjoyable way to find out if kitesurfing is for you. We hope you’ll come away from your lesson with a love for the sport we care about so much. And if you do, we hope you keep up the lessons and learn to ride free as the wind!

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Chiringuito Aqua, Playa de los Lances
Location Map
DEPARTURE TIME 30 minutes before lesson is scheduled to begin
RETURN TIME half an hour after lesson ends
WEAR Whatever you like, so long as you have something snug on underneath that will fit under a wetsuit. And bring a towel.
Professional instructor Transport to lesson site
Kitesurfing equipment Kite, Board and lines
Harness Wetsuit
Safety equipment Lifejacket
Helmet Leash
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GroupsizePrivate Lesson, Semi-Private Lesson
Duration2 Hours Kitesurf Lesson, 3 Hours Kitesurf Lesson
Graykite kitesurfing School Tarifa - Beginner Lessons
1 Day Taster Session  5
1 Day Taster Session  6
1 Day Taster Session  7
1 Day Taster Session  8
1 Day Taster Session  9
Graykite kitesurfing School Tarifa - Beginner Lessons