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Aprender Kitesurf para Niños – escuela – clases y cursos

Our Kids kitesurfing classes in Tarifa, Spain are tailored to the specific learning needs of your little people.

Clases Avanzadas de Kitesurf

Advanced kitesurfing lessons in Tarifa: Learn transitions, tricks, jumps, old school, freestyle and more

Graykite Bespoke

Can’t see the kitesurf course what you want? Design your own kitesurfing course and we’ll make it happen.


Beginner kitesurfing course in Tarifa, Spain | Learn to kitesurf Tarifa style! Beginners Kitesurfing Tarifa

Paddle Yoga Course

Paddle Yoga Tarifa is a different way to have fun and get fit on the water. Our paddle yoga instructors are genuine enthusiasts who who can take you all the way from novice to expert.

Paddleboarding And SUP Safari

Paddleboarding And SUP Safaris Tarifa is a fun way to play in the water, particularly when there’s no wind or waves. Keep fit and relax!

Surfing Lessons

Learn to ride a board, read the waves and surf like a pro on the Atlantic swell with Graykite in