Introducing the Gray Burger
Introducing the Gray Burger  1


Tarifa has it all – the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, mountains, beaches, the beautiful historic old town and endless wind.

While kite junkies flock in from around the world to ride the milk pond lagoons or ocean waves by day, Tarifa isn’t to be forgotten by night. Andalucian gastronomy and some crazy night life both provide experiences that make Tarifa famous the world over.

From delicious tapas, Italian pizzerias and heladerías to fresh seafood and local meats, there is a little something in Tarifa for everyone. And now for you friendly, healthy health nuts looking for a like minded, lifestyle driven grass roots local experience can try the all-new, patented ‘Gray Burger’ at Ozu Bar in Tarifa.

Thanks to Chef Carmen the ‘Gray Burger’ now exists as a delicious quinoa based, super healthy and delicious alternative burger that will restore all those calories you burned on the water. We’re both honoured, humbled and slightly proud to annouce that it’s named after Gray, Graykite’s founder and team leader.

Introducing the Gray Burger  3

Ozu Bar Tarifa is close to the beach of Los Lances and is on the route back into the village from all the beaches within the county down. So after a long day in the sun catching that wind, why not stop by and experience the very freshest of what local Tarifa has to offer.

With warm and friendly staff Ozu Tarifa is a must visit on your holidays to this sea side village wonderland. And if you’re going, why not try the Gray Burger while you’re there? If a burger isn’t your thing (who are you kidding?) then we’re sure Carmen and Cesar can find something that is right up your street. If you’re nearby, give it a try.

Come onecome all and enjoy

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