Why We Choose Tarifa? Tarifa has a fantastic range of conditions for advanced kitesurfing lessons. Lagoons at Balnearios, Los Lances, Valdevaqueros and Palmones for flat water to practice your new tricks. Wave riding at Los Lances, Canos de Meca and Balnearios. There’s even some street furniture you can use around Rio Jara if you’re proper

TARIFA KITE SPOTS You want Tarifa kite spots? We’ve got all Tarifa kite spots! There are loads of great kite spots just a walk or a short drive from town. You will be able to find a good spot in every wind except the North wind, which usually only blows for a few days a

  Tarifa has it all – the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, mountains, beaches, the beautiful historic old town and endless wind. While kite junkies flock in from around the world to ride the milk pond lagoons or ocean waves by day, Tarifa isn’t to be forgotten by night. Andalucian gastronomy and some crazy night life both provide